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Guilty Summer Pleasures

It's hot in Houston these days. Really, really hot. And you've got to have something to get you through. Below are my biggest summer guilty pleasures. Here are a few things I'm obsessed with these days: Read More! [...]
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@BravoTV makes my day!

Many of you know I have a ridiculous obsession with reality television, especially Bravo. I am what you might call a Raving Fan. I will watch whatever they suggest and share the love about new shows with friends! Recently, I have given Bravo some flack (ex. here) when they tried to branch into Twitter because you could tell they really didn’t know how to use the tool properly. My biggest issue is that Bravo seemed to only create a Twitter account just a few days before a big Twitter promotion and then spent the entire time talking about themselves and the event (multiple identical reminder tweets per day). My biggest issue: not sharing with the fans... thus breaking one of the cardinal rules of Twitter: It's not all about you! Read More! [...]
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Houston’s Got Talent! The dirt on my AGT experience

Here it is - the dirt on my experience at a taping of America's Got Talent: the best show on television with exploding glittery American Flags everywhere! We weren't allowed to bring phones or cameras, so I'm going to have to dish from memory. But don't take my word for it! Watch it yourself starting this summer! Thanks to the awesome people over at (actually their twitter people @HOUcheap), I signed up for tickets to go see Read More! [...]
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American Idol top 9 in 140 characters each

Live blogging tonight's American Idol on my iPhone! Here's a rundown of each contestant in tweet size recaps: Anoop: Usher. Weird arrangement. Didn't really match his style. Not sure he'll go much further, but I still love him. Read More! [...]