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Nerdy Stuff

Nerd Stuff in Houston

My sister is both a poor college student and a bona fide nerd, so in planning her visit to Houston later this month, she specifically requested "nerd stuff." Here's my list of must-see Houston nerd adventures! Read More! [...]
Cat Lady, Musings

Six lessons learned from my six months in Houston

Today marks 6 months since we moved to Houston. A lot has happened thus far in 2009... Jason and I moved in together, Jason started work in the real world, I parted ways with a great company in Dallas and landed a new job at Schipul - the web marketing company in Houston doing lots of really amazing good and focusing on growing great people, we felt the effects of the economy when Jason got laid off, brought a new member into our little family, and endured all those day to day adventures inevitable in life. It's all happened pretty fast. But through it all, I've learned a few things. And I thought I would share... you know, to mark the occasion. Read More! [...]

Exploring Houston: Best Cheap Eats

Image: Jason, with breakfast for two at Ikea. Retail value: $8. Click2Houston recently released their 2009 list of Houston bests. This includes everything from "Best Waxing" to "Best Tea House." (There is even a whole category of best wedding stuff). In my efforts to branch out and enjoy Houston for all it has to offer (and upon @deneyterrio and @longstation's fervent suggestions to avoid all things chain restaurant in Houston), I am embarking on Read More! [...]