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Messina Hof winery tour

This weekend I crossed #86 off my 101 in 1001 list - go to a wine vineyard by going to Messina Hof wine vineyard! Messina Hof is in Bryan, Texas (about 1 1/2 hours from Houston). We went out for my dear friend Mariah's birthday. The tour The public tour is a great deal - it's only $5, which includes a tour (of the bed & breakfast, vineyard, processing, and bottling area) and 4-5 wine tastings (with instructions on how to properly enjoy Read More! [...]
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Wordcamp Houston – Takeaways & The Rebirth of Slick

Today was Wordcamp Houston! It was great to see WordPress cofounder Matt Mullenweg back in his hometown keynoting (full keynote video available here), and I always love spending time with the Houston WordPress community. In this post I want to recap the second biggest thing I took away from Wordcamp Houston - Kelsey Ruger's presentation on the Rebirth of Slick. Read More! [...]
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Personal mission statement

I've read that the #1 cause of stress in general is living life outside of your values, and how else to recognize that stress than to first recognize your values? At my job, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is required reading. Part of that process is to create a personal mission statement. The idea is that any decision, any life goal can be measured against this statement. It's incredibly powerful and I highly recommend it. Read More! [...]
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Nerd Stuff in Houston

My sister is both a poor college student and a bona fide nerd, so in planning her visit to Houston later this month, she specifically requested "nerd stuff." Here's my list of must-see Houston nerd adventures! Read More! [...]

Today, I had an Epiphany (Seriously) – On Delayed Gratification

This feels like the first time I figured out that the first letter of the Disney logo really is a D. I thought it was a G for most of my life, never questioning that the G made no sense at all. (For people who had similar reactions, there is a Facebook Group with 166,000 members strong.) So here's my epiphany: For me, in almost every aspect of my life, it's all about the experience now. Read More! [...]
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Seattle Trip 2010!

In case you missed the photos and tweets, I spent my 4th of July in Seattle. If you're following my Day Zero Project list, that means I crossed off #85 Go on a girls' trip, #91 Visit Jenny in Seattle, and #1 Shop at a Farmer's Market. Things I recommend checking out on your next trip to Seattle: ... Read More! [...]

5 Sleep Facts & Tips to Sleep Better

Last week, we moved into a new apartment. For the first week or so, I had a hard time sleeping. There were new noises - the squeaks and creaks and hums that you only hear right as you're about to drift off - and everything felt different. And I started to feel it. Restlessness, stress, stomach cramps, yada yada yada... I was physically and emotionally drained. Read More! [...]