My Crazy Life and Aggie Football

It's been a crazy few weeks. Two tests, a speech, and a choir performance (including extra night rehearsals) burned me out , and then this week I have done a lot of hanging out with friends (roommates especially) and not being productive. I need to strike a balance. Let's hope that's what this week will be. Can you believe it's already November? Read More! [...]

Alter Ego Party Pics are up on Flickr!

post party waffle time Originally uploaded by QCait. The Alter Ego party this weekend was amazing. I dressed goth, which is more evident in pictures taken earlier than the one at right. I lovingly refer to this pic as "post party waffle time." As my little sister says: psycho goth egg: everyone knows goths eat waffles Also check the picture of me and Kinky Friedman... try not to be jealous. AND my super classy black and white 21st Read More! [...]

The End of an Era

the end of an eraOriginally uploaded by QCait. The always delightful Adam Parker and I officially removed the =w='s off of our cars last night. Weezer has broken up; but beyond that, they have lost that thing that makes them awesome. Who's to say what that thing even was (though I have my theories, most of which revolve around former bassist Matt Sharp)... the music is not the same. I have had that huge flying W on my car (Lucy) since I got her Read More! [...]
Nerdy Stuff

Ken Jennings is my hero

  You remember dear old Ken. 74 game winning streak on Jeopardy? Cute little Mormon? All around nice guy? That's the one. I can't get enough of his blog: Witty and entertaining, with enough vocabulary-building syntax and intelligent humor to keep me coming back (err... subscribing to the RSS feed). My only major qualm with the operation is that viewers can't comment directly. Ken set up a message board and I have to Read More! [...]

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

  Just finished this book. I highly recommend it. You won't find it on my Librarything because John let me borrow his old beat up copy that got rained on in New York City. It feels very authentic, which I think added to the experience. The Perks of Being a Wallflower. By Stephen Chbosky. “Personally, I like to think that my brother is having a college experience like they do in the movies. I don't mean the big fraternity party Read More! [...]

Pre ACL pump up CD #1

Two months from today begins Austin City Limits Music Festival, aka the greatest weekend of my life every year. Are you ready for the dirt and the crowds and the dancing and the hippies? I sure as hell am. ...well, almost. It's the time of year to get your hands on as much ACL artist music as humanly possible. Any suggestions on who to see are more than welcome, and tracks to sample are always amazing. I bring you, my first ACL pump-up playlist. Read More! [...]