Liquor outlet and Goodwill store (in one)!

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Wiki groaning – and you can too.

Wikiality really is an interesting cultural phenomena. Wiki Groaning is the game that lets us determine what modern day internet users find more fascinating. Put two topics up against each other - a "fight" if you will. Whichever page is longer is clearly more important to modern day society. This all started on a Friday afternoon at the office in which I was attempting to find the most famous person whose wikipedia page is shorter than the page Read More! [...]

No Doubling Back Now

  It looks like Jason Mraz is touring again. It's been over a year since he's had a major tour, and I couldn't be more excited. Word on the street is that his latest album (due out in Spring of this year) will be called We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things. I've always thought the older acoustic stuff is better than the albums, and I'm hopeful that he's been able to keep that vibe and "start all over again." Another promising note: the Read More! [...]

Last Game on Kyle Field

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