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Don’t worry, Barack loves you back

Not only do you love Barack (as is apparent in the latest round of primaries), Barack loves you back. And he is your new bicycle. Read More! [...]
Cat Lady

Ash Wednesday, kthxbai

In remembrance of Ash Wednesday today (and since I more than probably won't be making it to church), I leave you with a passage from the LOLCats Bible. Read More! [...]
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Finished Book 1

Very enjoyable, quick read. I spent about half the time listening to the book on tape and the other half reading my hard copy. Then I watched the first movie again. To my surprise, I hardly remembered any of the movie from the first time I saw it (when it originally came out). Read More! [...]
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Finally starting the Harry Potter series!

I finally finished "I am America (and So Can You)" - and have moved on to the next book on my list: "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone." Read More! [...]