"Why does X always get to mark the spot? I bet Q would like a turn." - Stephen T. Colbert
wonder woman valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day! 20 Geeky Valentines <3

Happy Valentine’s Day! It is a tradition at work to create Valentine’s Day cards and share them with each other. I have been scouring the web for some geeky Valentines to share with my coworkers and I thought I would share them with you here as well. Enjoy! Read More! [...]

Hair Makeup Product Review - Qcait.com

Product Review: Anastasia Hair Makeup – Temporary Hair Color Looks Awesome but Can Get Messy

As a frequent hair dye-er who is always looking for something new, when I first saw the concept of “Hair Makeup” (temporary hair color that goes on and off just like makeup) in a fashion magazine, I knew I had to try it. This week, I saw some in a store for the first time and picked up Anastasia Hair Makeup temporary hair color from Ulta for $12. I had a lot of questions/doubts when I first tried it, so I thought I would share my experience. Read More! [...]

Austin's Favorite Toy Shop Toy Joy

Tour of Austin Comic & Toy Shops: A Recap with Pictures!

In celebration of Jason’s birthday, we spent Labor Day weekend in Austin visiting friends and exploring. We spend time in Austin every year for Austin City Limits Music Festival, but don’t get to see much else outside of Zilker park and the hotel. Our goal was to see as many Comic Books & Toy Shops as possible! Read More! [...]

Jan 18

This Site will be Down on January 18

Along with many other sites across the web, QCait.com will be blacked out on January 18 to protest the proposed internet censorship bill SOPA, which will give corporations the ability to sue and shut down any site that contains even one “suspicious” link to copyrighted content. Read More! [...]

Qcait - 20K Tracks on Last FM!

20,000 Tracks Scrobbled on Last.FM!

I can officially cross #26 off list – 101 in 1001 Day Zero Project list – I have scrobbled 20,000 tracks on Last.Fm!

I have been tracking the music I listen to when I can using Last.FM since about 2006, and have made it to 20,000! Read More! [...]