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xbox live facebook dashboard

XBOX gets social media-fied with Facebook, Twitter, and

Last week as part of XBOX Live’s update preview program, we (and by we I mean my wonderful gamer boyfriend) got an early upgrade to the newest version of XBOX Live – which is chock full of features like social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Last.Fm … and streaming content from New Yorker cartoons, Dilbert, and MSNBC. All the new features live in the new “Community” tab – which also includes events hosted by XBOX that previously appeared Read More! […]

Sean Pendergast of 1560 The Game at SchipulCon

1560 The Game’s Sean Pendergast at SchipulCon on creating loyal fans

I saw a lot of great speakers at SchipulCon this year, which wrapped on Friday. One case study I can’t get out of my head is Sean Pendergast from Houston’s sports talk radio station 1560 The Game.

Maybe it’s because my boyfriend practically lived in the student radio station in college, or because my dad works on hardware that transmits radio commercials – but radio seems to be a big part of my life. So Sean definitely had my attention. Add to that the fact that the success they found by using the internet to build a community is what social media is all about – and the kind of thing I can totally geek out for. I think I took 4 pages of notes in the 45 minutes presentation! Read More! […]

toby the red panda at the Houston Zoo

SchipulCon Day 1 Recap

It was a great day of learning at SchipulCon! Our keynote Deirdre Breckenridge and all the other speakers were awesome – and spoke on topics ranging from social media to public relations to Tendenci and Drupal and WordPress to blogging and non profit marketing. Lots of good stuff! Read More! […]

From qcait to bravottv

@BravoTV makes my day!

Many of you know I have a ridiculous obsession with reality television, especially Bravo. I am what you might call a Raving Fan. I will watch whatever they suggest and share the love about new shows with friends!

Recently, I have given Bravo some flack (ex. here) when they tried to branch into Twitter because you could tell they really didn’t know how to use the tool properly. My biggest issue is that Bravo seemed to only create a Twitter account just a few days before a big Twitter promotion and then spent the entire time talking about themselves and the event (multiple identical reminder tweets per day). My biggest issue: not sharing with the fans… thus breaking one of the cardinal rules of Twitter: It’s not all about you! Read More! […]

PR 2.0 – You’re Doing it Right Examples

I just finished the book PR 2.0. It’s pretty basic – geared toward traditional PR professionals who don’t quite understand all the tools available on the web to help them maintain their brands. For someone who understands web tools, the descriptions of how an RSS feed works, how a blog can help you, etc. are probably explanations you’ve written yourself to explain to clients and friends. I did really enjoy the interviews with professionals to hear their stories. Read More! […]


Social Media – Can it Get you the Job?

It’s graduation season! Last weekend marked two years since I walked the stage in Reed Arena to take my diploma with my left hand, shake with my right, and look awkwardly in the general direction of the off-stage cameraman. I have several friends graduating soon, and I know a few are still struggling finding a job and experiencing common issues –  how to differentiate yourself from others, how to show you know what you’re doing, etc. I recently Read More! […]