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How to read the Harry Potter series

"I was skeptical at first... but now I can't get enough!" How I did it: My sister gave me 1 year notice that she wants to go to newly opening Harry Potter world (part of Universal Studios in Florida) after her high school graduation. She also informed me that I was not invited on the trip unless I read all 7 books. Each book only took a few weeks between work and other commitments, and it took me about a year to finish them all. Read More! [...]
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Michael Phelps on SNL

Michael Phelps was adorable last night as he hosted SNL's season premiere... but I would have to say that Tina Fey stole the show as Sarah Palin in the opening skit (alongside Amy Poehler as Hillary). At first glance I thought it might actually be Miss Alaska herself, but I was thrilled to see Tina (who makes much funnier jokes). Read More! [...]
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Pumping up the RD2 team with my tshirt!

Been working a lot lately... including at 11 PM tonight. Big things a'coming... get excited... Read More! [...]