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Houston’s Got Talent! The dirt on my AGT experience

Here it is - the dirt on my experience at a taping of America's Got Talent: the best show on television with exploding glittery American Flags everywhere! We weren't allowed to bring phones or cameras, so I'm going to have to dish from memory. But don't take my word for it! Watch it yourself starting this summer! Thanks to the awesome people over at (actually their twitter people @HOUcheap), I signed up for tickets to go see Read More! [...]
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Ok, maybe I look a little like Flo from Progressive Auto Insurance

I've been getting this for months now. The big eyes, the cheeks, the hair... I suppose I do look a little like Flo, the chipper Progressive Auto Insurance maven with her "tricked out name tag." After seeing an old friend last weekend who told me "I think of you all the time... every time I see those commercials," I thought I would do something about this once and for all. I recreated the makeup as best I could, threw on a head band and a collared shirt and voila! Consider this an invitation to decide for yourself. Read More! [...]
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American Idol top 9 in 140 characters each

Live blogging tonight's American Idol on my iPhone! Here's a rundown of each contestant in tweet size recaps: Anoop: Usher. Weird arrangement. Didn't really match his style. Not sure he'll go much further, but I still love him. Read More! [...]
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Fashion vs. Style

Below is an article from Psychology Today on the difference between "fashion" and "style." I don't know who the original author is, but you can access it in full here. I post this because I wholeheartedly agree with the analysis. When I think about this juxtaposition in terms of marketing, I can't help but think that fashion is like one great commercial... while style is consistently building a recognizable brand image over time. It echoes throughout Read More! [...]
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American Idol: My Predictions

I am psyched that Fox is changing the algorithm for choosing contestants this year, taking a little more time to get to the top 12 and letting us see more of the selection process. Tonight we found out who the top 36 are (full list can be found here). These contestants will perform in 3 groups of 12 (each group made of both guys and girls) virtually every weeknight for the next three weeks, with America voting to kick off three from each group each week until we are down to the top 9. From there, the judges will also select 3 "wildcards" to round out the top 12. Read More! [...]
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Zac Efron sighting!

According to multiple sources (including this one), Zac Efron canceled a stop on his press tour for 17 Again because he will be hosting Saturday Night Live on April 11, 2009! Read More! [...]
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Pepsi – My Generation

I think this commercial, like Pepsi's latest marketing efforts, is fantastic. I think it's refreshing and new and current and I am generally very impressed. And it doesn't hurt that this one of my all time favorite songs (even though as my mother always reminds me "It's not even about your generation!?!"). Read More! [...]