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star trek 3

Spock Halloween! Live Long and Prosper

You know I love a nerdy Halloween costume. This Halloween I dressed as one of my favorite characters – Spock from Star Trek (or the girl version of Spock anyway). More on my inspiration and costume – including a few of my favorite Spock memes.

Happy Halloween! Read More! […]

Stripes the Tiger Beanie Baby Estimated Value

Adventures in Beanie Baby Collecting

A friend recently posted this article on a book called “The Beanie Baby Handbook” – a book published in 1998 on the ins and outs of Beanie Baby collecting – and what a great investment Beanie Baby collecting is (was).

The book shows the estimated value of Beanie Babies in 1998 and what the value will be in the future – way out in 2008. For instance, the book estimates that Stripes the Tiger will be valued at $1,000 by 2008. (If anyone is selling these anywhere close to that, please let me know!) Read More! […]


Musings on Sex and the City

Moments ago, I finished rewatching Sex and the City in its glorious six season entirety. The image above is from the final scene of season 6B episode 8. I’ve now seen every episode now at least three times. At this point, the characters feel like friends in some strange way. Read More! […]

Austin's Favorite Toy Shop Toy Joy

Tour of Austin Comic & Toy Shops: A Recap with Pictures!

In celebration of Jason’s birthday, we spent Labor Day weekend in Austin visiting friends and exploring. We spend time in Austin every year for Austin City Limits Music Festival, but don’t get to see much else outside of Zilker park and the hotel. Our goal was to see as many Comic Books & Toy Shops as possible! Read More! […]

Cats hanging out in the laundry hamper

Top Cat Lady Ads of 2011

2011 is not even half way over and I’m declaring it now – 2011 is the year of the cat lady. Everywhere you look there are adorable cats. Or maybe that’s just YouTube. Top 3 Cat Lady Commercials of 2011… Read More! […]


The Inside Workings of Funny or Die at SXSW

Recap of the SXSW panel – Inside ~

Panelists are Richard Glover, CEO of Funny or Die – Andrew Steele, Chief Creative Officer (writer at SNL for 13 years)

“The secret to the internet is swearing – especially kids cursing – and naked women” – Andrew Steele Read More! […]


Directing the Dead – Horror Films at SXSW

One of my favorite SXSW panels, featuring Neil Marshall (The Descent), Robert Rodriguez (Sin City), Matt Reeves (Cloverfield), Scott Weinberg, Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), and Ti West (The House of the Devil)… on the MPAA, 3-D, nudity, and all things horror film. Read More! […]