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Wedding Website is Live! WordPress Wedding Theme and RSVP Plugin

We are just under six months out from the wedding, and our wedding website is live! Check us out at!

This post outlines the WordPress Wedding Theme and WordPress RSVP Plugin I used for our wedding website! The theme is called “Marriage” from Themeforest and the plugin is simply called “RSVP Plugin.” Read More! […]

Jan 18

This Site will be Down on January 18

Along with many other sites across the web, will be blacked out on January 18 to protest the proposed internet censorship bill SOPA, which will give corporations the ability to sue and shut down any site that contains even one “suspicious” link to copyrighted content. Read More! […]


Great Free WordPress Mobile Theme – Wapple!

In my experience, most out of the box WordPress mobile themes are not good (especially the free ones).

The functionality is usually ok, but in the age of sophisticated phones with 8 megapixel cameras and streaming HD video, there is no need to strip down a mobile site to such bare bones and make it… so… fugly.

I have tried a few different “one click” mobile WordPress themes for my blog and have not loved any of them. Until today, when I found Wapple – a great, easy to use mobile theme editor for WordPress. Read More! […]


Personal mission statement

I’ve read that the #1 cause of stress in general is living life outside of your values, and how else to recognize that stress than to first recognize your values?

At my job, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is required reading. Part of that process is to create a personal mission statement. The idea is that any decision, any life goal can be measured against this statement. It’s incredibly powerful and I highly recommend it. Read More! […]

jenn lancaster and stephanie klein at sxsw

Balance is Bullshit – Stephanie Klein and Jenn Lancaster at SXSW

The following is a recap of one of my favorite SXSW Interactive panels – “Balance is Bullshit” featuring Stephanie Klein (author of Straight Up & Dirty and Moose: A Memoir – who blogs on and Jenn Lancaster (former dot com executive, author of Bitter is the New Black and Bright Lights, Big Ass – who writes on Both very witty, intelligent, and busy women. Read More! […]

SXSW panel: XBOX your UX – Gaming Design in online apps #addxboxtoux

My first SXSW panel! Presenter is Josh Knowles – – here’s the recap:

Game designers design for those “weirdly satisfying interactions” – found in classic arcade games, recalling random trivia, etc. Increase the activity, make it better for the user. Read More! […]


Cats vs. Unicorns – which photo app is better?

I don’t often pay for iPhone apps, but I have made a few exceptions. I’ll pay for games after months spent with the demo (see: Words with Friends)… or cheap, novel apps that make me laugh.

Two of my favorite recent app purchases are both photo editing apps – that allow you to turn your regular, boring pictures into something either adorable or magical. But which is better? Read More! […]