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Ken Jennings is my hero

  You remember dear old Ken. 74 game winning streak on Jeopardy? Cute little Mormon? All around nice guy? That's the one. I can't get enough of his blog: Witty and entertaining, with enough vocabulary-building syntax and intelligent humor to keep me coming back (err... subscribing to the RSS feed). My only major qualm with the operation is that viewers can't comment directly. Ken set up a message board and I have to Read More! [...]
Nerdy Stuff

Carpal Tunnel, anyone?

I'm pretty sure I have carpal tunnel in my right wrist. And the more I think about it, the more paranoid I get, and the worse it feels. From about 3 o'clock on today, I was typing at half speed. Awesome. It's probably because I had that Mission Trip bracelet on for 5 years. There is still an indention in my wrist. I feel... fully committed. Read More! [...]