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Directing the Dead – Horror Films at SXSW

One of my favorite SXSW panels, featuring Neil Marshall (The Descent), Robert Rodriguez (Sin City), Matt Reeves (Cloverfield), Scott Weinberg, Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), and Ti West (The House of the Devil)... on the MPAA, 3-D, nudity, and all things horror film. Read More! [...]
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SXSW panel: XBOX your UX – Gaming Design in online apps #addxboxtoux

My first SXSW panel! Presenter is Josh Knowles - - here's the recap: Game designers design for those "weirdly satisfying interactions" - found in classic arcade games, recalling random trivia, etc. Increase the activity, make it better for the user. Read More! [...]
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Cats vs. Unicorns – which photo app is better?

I don't often pay for iPhone apps, but I have made a few exceptions. I'll pay for games after months spent with the demo (see: Words with Friends)... or cheap, novel apps that make me laugh. Two of my favorite recent app purchases are both photo editing apps - that allow you to turn your regular, boring pictures into something either adorable or magical. But which is better? Read More! [...]
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5 Tips for Embarrassing your Friends in Scrabble

I won't pretend to be an expert at Scrabble (I have so far been too chicken to attend a Houston Scrabble Club meeting because of this), but I will say I'm a huge nerd and love word games. There are many people out there playing Words With Friends who are making some basic rookie mistakes. I'm not necessarily saying you, my dear friend and reader (please don't be mad)... but say maybe your friends (again, not you) might get something out of this, feel free to pass it along. Here are some tips for dominating your friends in Scrabble. No SAT-level vocabulary needed. Read More! [...]
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Halloween 2009 – My sweet Keyboard Cat costume

Lots of people love keyboard cat. Especially my dear friend Brandi, who is probably keyboard cat's number 1 fan. So this year, who better to pay homage to on all Hallow's Eve? The making of the keyboard cat outfit: Blue tshirt - on sale at Kohl's for $3.20 (for real) Orange makeup - $4 at Halloween super store Additional makeup - $7 at Walmart Tiger ears/tail set - $5 at Walmart Print out of keyboard on card stock I had lying Read More! [...]
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XBOX gets social media-fied with Facebook, Twitter, and

Last week as part of XBOX Live's update preview program, we (and by we I mean my wonderful gamer boyfriend) got an early upgrade to the newest version of XBOX Live - which is chock full of features like social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Last.Fm ... and streaming content from New Yorker cartoons, Dilbert, and MSNBC. All the new features live in the new "Community" tab - which also includes events hosted by XBOX that previously appeared Read More! [...]
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1560 The Game’s Sean Pendergast at SchipulCon on creating loyal fans

I saw a lot of great speakers at SchipulCon this year, which wrapped on Friday. One case study I can't get out of my head is Sean Pendergast from Houston's sports talk radio station 1560 The Game. Maybe it's because my boyfriend practically lived in the student radio station in college, or because my dad works on hardware that transmits radio commercials - but radio seems to be a big part of my life. So Sean definitely had my attention. Add to that the fact that the success they found by using the internet to build a community is what social media is all about - and the kind of thing I can totally geek out for. I think I took 4 pages of notes in the 45 minutes presentation! Read More! [...]