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Happy Valentine’s Day! 20 Geeky Valentines <3

Happy Valentine's Day! It is a tradition at work to create Valentine's Day cards and share them with each other. I have been scouring the web for some geeky Valentines to share with my coworkers and I thought I would share them with you here as well. Enjoy! Read More! [...]
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Tour of Austin Comic & Toy Shops: A Recap with Pictures!

Austin's Favorite Toy Shop Toy Joy
In celebration of Jason's birthday, we spent Labor Day weekend in Austin visiting friends and exploring. We spend time in Austin every year for Austin City Limits Music Festival, but don't get to see much else outside of Zilker park and the hotel. Our goal was to see as many Comic Books & Toy Shops as possible! Read More! [...]
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Dries Keynote at SchipulCon on Drupal & Open Source

qcait and dries at SchipulCon
I am thrilled to see Dries Buytaert - the Belgian Geek best know for creating the Drupal Content Management System Schipul builds several of our client websites on - speak at SchipulCon today. Read More! [...]
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My New HTC Evo

The iPhone 4 is a really cool phone, with lots of cool features (flash camera! multitasking! Face time!) and a much faster processor than my 2 generation old iPhone 3G. And the new iPhone OS4 is designed for this technological masterpiece. But what about the rest of us? After upgrading the OS on the 3G, my phone just couldn't handle it. It was slow moving and my apps crashed as often as they didn't. Not to mention the occasions when someone called, and no matter how many time I pressed "answer," nothing happened. Read More! [...]
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Wordcamp Houston – Takeaways & The Rebirth of Slick

Today was Wordcamp Houston! It was great to see WordPress cofounder Matt Mullenweg back in his hometown keynoting (full keynote video available here), and I always love spending time with the Houston WordPress community. In this post I want to recap the second biggest thing I took away from Wordcamp Houston - Kelsey Ruger's presentation on the Rebirth of Slick. Read More! [...]
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Nerd Stuff in Houston

My sister is both a poor college student and a bona fide nerd, so in planning her visit to Houston later this month, she specifically requested "nerd stuff." Here's my list of must-see Houston nerd adventures! Read More! [...]
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The Inside Workings of Funny or Die at SXSW

Recap of the SXSW panel - Inside ~ Panelists are Richard Glover, CEO of Funny or Die - Andrew Steele, Chief Creative Officer (writer at SNL for 13 years) "The secret to the internet is swearing - especially kids cursing - and naked women" - Andrew Steele Read More! [...]