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Tomorrow is a new day

I couldn't be more excited about election day! Excited to see the turnout numbers... excited to see young voters making a change... and excited that no matter what happens, things will change. Read More! [...]
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Day 3: Music

Music calms the troubled soul. Tonight I had the coincidental pleasure to enjoy two of my favorite musical obsessions - Jason Mraz at Nokie Live and High School Musical 3 premiere at midnight. Read More! [...]

Day 2: Simplify

As a continuation of my quest for inner peace, today I'm trying yet another tactic. No, not the delightful dinner with my mother (or the Pinot Grigio - though I've always thought it brings a kind of clarity). Today's tactic is to simplify my life. Read More! [...]

Day 1: Retail Therapy and Physical Transformation

I've been internally conflicted lately - a feeling I'm neither accustomed to nor do I quite understand how to deal with. Therefor I have decided upon self-imposed drastic measures. For the next five days,  I will be embarking on a quest. I don't know exactly what I'm looking for - inner peace, peace of mind, self discovery... I suppose I'd settle for a general acceptance that I don't have control over what happens in my life. I suppose the key Read More! [...]

2008 Presidential A-List Donor Chart

Happy first day of voting. If you're curious who your favorite celebrity is voting for, you can check - for a list of "A List" celebrities and whose 2008 campaign they've donated to (and how much). Read More! [...]