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Messina Hof winery tour

This weekend I crossed #86 off my 101 in 1001 list - go to a wine vineyard by going to Messina Hof wine vineyard! Messina Hof is in Bryan, Texas (about 1 1/2 hours from Houston). We went out for my dear friend Mariah's birthday. The tour The public tour is a great deal - it's only $5, which includes a tour (of the bed & breakfast, vineyard, processing, and bottling area) and 4-5 wine tastings (with instructions on how to properly enjoy Read More! [...]

5 Sleep Facts & Tips to Sleep Better

Last week, we moved into a new apartment. For the first week or so, I had a hard time sleeping. There were new noises - the squeaks and creaks and hums that you only hear right as you're about to drift off - and everything felt different. And I started to feel it. Restlessness, stress, stomach cramps, yada yada yada... I was physically and emotionally drained. Read More! [...]
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Believe it or not, this blog post began as an explanation of eating habits. I started writing about discipline, and found my thoughts on belief and religion really merited its own post. So here you go... First, Some Background My dad is Catholic and my mom is Methodist. Growing up, we had a deal: we were brought up in the Catholic church until we attended our first holy communion - long enough to ensure to my father that we would get into heaven. Read More! [...]
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5 Things Inspiring Me Today

I don't quite know how to describe it, but lately I've been feeling inspired. Maybe it's the fact that I have more time to myself, or that now that Jason has a job I'm spending more hours feeling thankful and fewer hours feeling worried. Regardless of the reason, I've been led outside my daily routines - inspired to go outside, read books, get to the gym, call old friends, schedule travel adventures, etc. etc. Here are a few things that are inspiring me lately: Read More! [...]

Books on my Radar in 2010

It's been 2010 for just a few weeks and I am already feeling behind. I plan to come back from SXSW Interactive (did I mention I'm going?) with a list of Books to Read - so I wanted to get the initial list - books on my radar already in 2010 - out first. Look for book reviews coming soon! Read More! [...]

2009: An Ode to Houston

Today is my one year anniversary with the city of Houston. Yes, we moved here just one short year ago today. To commemorate the occasion, I have composed the following. Enjoy! Ode to 2009 - our first year in Houston I won't lie - I was nervous When I found out my dear Had a job down in Houston Not anywhere near Read More! [...]

Happy 2 week anniversary to the Giroirs!

It's been 2 weeks since my best friend got married to the love of her life. Michelle and I have been friends for a long time and I am so happy that she found someone as fantastic as Michael to spend the rest of her life with! Insert embarrassing old pictures here: I can't say enough about how wonderful the wedding was, so I thought I would document some highlights - with pictures! The Bachelorette Party A girls' night out Bourbon Street never Read More! [...]