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Day 3: Music

Music calms the troubled soul. Tonight I had the coincidental pleasure to enjoy two of my favorite musical obsessions - Jason Mraz at Nokie Live and High School Musical 3 premiere at midnight. Read More! [...]

Best of the Fest

So the aforementioned Saturday and Sunday ACL pump up blog posts did not come to pass - but Austin City Limits Festival 2008 did! The following were my most favorite moments of ACL. If I left anyone out, let your voice be heard in the comments! Read More! [...]

ACL Day 1 – Friday

"No room in the inn" is the general vibe I'm getting for Austin this weekend. With the ACL Fest crowd AND the Texas/Arkansas football game AND the Ike evacuees who are still being told not to go home AND no hotel room available in the city ... it's going to be ... well... packed. Read More! [...]

Genius is basically worthless. Sigh.

I had such high hopes. I wanted so much for it to be cool. But as usual, iTunes DRM ruins everything. So, the new iTunes upgrade has this seemingly cool sidebar called "Genius." Genius downloads your library, uploads it to iTunes, and then suggests cool music you might like that you don't already have. Also, when you click on a song, genius can generate a playlist of 25, 50, or 100 songs in your library that are similar to that song. Read More! [...]
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Eye of the Tiger

I've set a WW goal for myself. And I'm making it public. They say saying goals out loud gives you more ownership over them. I started Weight Watchers on 7/7/08 at 175.8 pounds Read More! [...]

Too Darn Hot


‘Cording to the Kinsey report
Every average man you know
Much prefers his lovey dovey to court
When the temperature is low.
But when the thermometer goes way up
And the weather is sizzling hot
Mr. pants for romance is not
Cause it’s too, too, too darn hot
It’s too darn hot
It’s too, too darn hot

– Ella Fitzgerald, singing Cole Porter

It hit 100 degrees in Dallas today for the 10th straight day.