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Food I love and hate. And sometimes Weight Watchers.


Crossing “lose 15 pounds” off my 43 Things

How I did it: I spent about 2 months on Weight Watchers... tracking points, going to meetings, and making compromises at the grocery store (but not working out at all)... and then spent the last few months not counting points but just keeping up with what I had learned... and the 18 pounds are still gone. Read More! [...]

Food for thought

With Thanksgiving fast approaching I thought I would give you an update on my weight loss venture. I started this July 7, 2008 at 175.8 pounds. I weighed in at 158 this morning. That's a loss of 18 pounds - or 10% of my body weight. Read More! [...]

Cross “breakfast at the deli” off the list

Last weekend, the roommates, Ellen, and I had food at the coppell deli. Check it out if you get a chance (at Bethel and Old Coppell Road in downtown Coppell). You won't be disappointed and if you're lucky, you might just run into Deli Man himself. Read More! [...]
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Eye of the Tiger

I've set a WW goal for myself. And I'm making it public. They say saying goals out loud gives you more ownership over them. I started Weight Watchers on 7/7/08 at 175.8 pounds Read More! [...]

Weddings and Weight Watchers

  Last weekend (8/8/08) was another wedding for another very happy and deserving couple. I've been to several weddings this summer, and each one is a balance between indulging in the celebration for my friends, and sticking to my new endeavors with Weight Watchers. Below are my tips for making it through the big challenge of special events - free food and drink! Skip the cake This one's a trade off. A piece of cake is 12 weight watchers Read More! [...]
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