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Running with Spotify’s New Running Feature!



This morning, I ran using Spotify’s new Running feature for the first time! Overall, I really enjoyed it.

More on how it works and specific features:

How Spotify’s Running Feature Works

From the Spotify app home screen, choose the “Running” option.

SpotifySpotify Running Feature How To

Just choose a playlist and start running to get started. Spotify will take a few seconds to gauge your running tempo. From there, Spotify will choose songs from the playlist you’ve chosen that match the tempo you’re running.

 Spotify Running Feature Playlist Options

I chose the “Recommended for you” playlist, which played songs based on what I’ve been listening to lately. You’ll see my recommended tempo (170 steps per minute). Each song played for about 2 minutes. From there you can adjust the tempo faster and slower with the arrows at the bottom of the screen.

Here are some sample songs:

Spotify Running Suggestions

My Review

My thoughts on Spotify’s new running feature:

  • The positives:
    • Overall, I really enjoyed this feature and will definitely use it again. It accomplishes something I tried to do myself manually (I have a playlist of carefully curated songs with driving beats that are about 3 minutes long so I can keep track of my timing while running) in a much easier way.
    • I loved how easy it was to get started.
    • I really like the pace of the song changes, each new song seemed to re-engage me as I was running.
    • I like that you can scroll back through the songs post-run and take note of any that you especially liked.
  • A few negatives:
    • The controls were a bit hard to maneuver while running. Honestly, I didn’t even notice that you could change the tempo until after I had finished my run.
    • The promo video for the feature seems to imply that the tempo adjusts as you run, but in my 25ish minute run today the tempo never changed (even though I know I slowed down throughout the run).
  • Features I’d love to see:
    • It would be cool to be able to set how frequently the song changes occur, to help keep track of time.
    • I would also like to see the tempo adjustment buttons a little easier to use mid-run (maybe bigger buttons?).

Happy running!

Running with headphones

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    August 18, 2017

    Spotify Music is best app for workout and running. It has good collection of track for running which boost up his listener while running in interval.

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