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Saturn Returns

This blog post is based on two things that my husband finds completely obnoxious: astrology and half birthdays. But I digress.

Today I am exactly 29.5 years old. Aka the day that Saturn Returns for me. In astrology, the concept of the Saturn Return is based on the idea that every 29.5 years, Saturn Returns to the place in the sky where it was when you were born. According to this theory, Saturn brings with it major changes to your life between the ages of 28-31, 56-60, and 84-90 (if you’re lucky enough to have Saturn return a third time). The first Saturn Return serves as a wake-up call, when you feel grown-up and tend to make major life decisions. I’m not exactly a believer in astrology, but I love this concept.

Saturn print from Etsy

My Saturn Return

Just after I turned 28, I started a challenging and exciting new job after five fulfilling but demanding years with my previous agency. A few months later, Jason and I got engaged after six years together. In the last year, we have planned a wedding, bought our first house, and gotten married. In the last month, we have leapt into married life and I legally changed me name. Talk about change!

Caitlin and Jason wedding

Sidenote: And in the last week, I cut off six inches of my hair. I know it’s not exactly a major life change, but I feel like it should be noted as a change nonetheless.

Haircut before and after

The astrological reasons behind these changes may be ridiculous, but science apparently backs up the root of the theory. According to one research study: “If you’re going to make a major career change, move to a new city, run a marathon, or have an affair, you’re most likely to do it when you’re about to turn 30.”

Saturn ... and he liked it, so he put a ring on it

Specifically, we tend to make big changes in ages that end in 9. It seems the anticipation of the next decade pushes us to make changes more than the actual turning that age. The good news is that the decade will arrive whether we are ready or not. (As Jason says, “It’s better than the alternative.”) From the same study:

“I think that people use decades and the crossing from one decade into the next as a marker, a time to reflect on the state of their lives. I think it’s very common. What we’re really talking about is anticipation more than we are arrival.”

I don’t know if that’s necessarily what has happened for me, but I will say that at this point in my life I’m feeling happier and more established (and adult maybe?) than ever before. Though I’m still really anxious about turning 30, I’m feeling more excited about the future than ever. I have 6 more months of my twenties, and then it’s on to another decade of adventures. I’m excited to see what’s in store!

Love your Saturn Return

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