Slowly But Surely, Part 1


So, I have started running.

QCait Runs

I started running as part of the weekly running club at work as an excuse to hang out with some of my coworkers outside of business hours, and also as an easy way to get myself moving post-wedding. I honestly didn’t start to “lose weight” or “get fit,” but mostly to see if I could do it. If I’m being totally honest, I didn’t think I could.

I don’t know if I’m ready to claim my love for running exactly, but I can say that we’ve been going steady for about a month. And I definitely don’t hate it.

Real talk, these are the things I like most about running:

1. It’s social!

The reason I started running is still the number one thing I like most about it: It’s social. It’s an excuse to hang out with some of my wonderful coworkers, and a topic of bonding with other friends (even if we’ve never run together). Case in point: I posted about running shoes on Facebook and racked up 31 comments. Spoiler alert: people are really passionate about their running shoes.

Even within our running club, we have runners of all types and levels – marathoners, power-walkers, walk/runners (like me!), and everything in between. And we all fit in. I want to give a special shout out to Lindsay, who organized MMI’s running club and has been so supportive in helping me get started! She is about to run her tenth marathon, but is always ready to answer my silly novice questions like, “So… what do you do with your keys when you’re running the Bayou?”

MMI Running Club

Running Buddies

2. The personal progress

Second only to the social aspect, I am loving the progress I’m making with running. I’m so new to it that I’m still seeing big improvements each and every week. My biggest issue when I first started is that I had almost no endurance. I’m now working on running for longer periods of time (which has actually made me slower as I get more consistent over time), and making progress all the while. I love that everything is trackable (I use FitBit‘s exercise tracking), so I’m able to see clear improvement!

3. The gear

Speaking of passion for running shoes, I have been slowly upgrading my running gear over the past month. Most recently, I got a new pair of Brooks Glycerin 12 shoes after my old shoes caused some major soreness. I am also loving my Feetures running socks and am the proud owner of compression tights and shorts. Having better gear makes me feel more confident, and less self-conscious while I’m out running in the world.

OMG SHOES. QCait's running shoes.

4. The hashtags

I primarily post running photos and progress updates on Instagram. I don’t want to overwhelm my Facebook feed too much, and the smaller audience of Instagram makes me feel better about posting those somewhat embarrassing photos when I’m extra sweaty. One of the great things about Instagram is that there are tons of supportive people following various fitness hashtags who are ready to like and comment and show support. Some of my favorite hashtags to use when posting running photos on Instagram:

  • #runhappy
  • #runningselfie
  • #Brooksrunning
  • and my favorite (that inspired the title of this post)… #slowlybutsurely

5. No gym membership required

When we moved across town we quit our old gym (now that we’re not near a location) – and have yet to join another. I love that I can run anywhere, anytime – including in my neighborhood.

6. The FitBit steps

I love my FitBit, and love racking up the extra steps from running. I track my runs and love comparing my stats.

Tracking run on FitBit

Part 1 of many!

I purposefully titled this post  “Part 1” because I hope there will be many more updates to come.  I will (along with a few friends and the aforementioned running coworkers) be running the Santo de Mayo 5K run at Saint Arnold Brewery on May 3. I’m working on a few specific goals at the moment: My goal is to finish the 5K in 40 minutes, and continue to build my endurance (more running, less walking).

I will post more updates as I go!

Running progress

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