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Geeky Halloween: Hipster Ariel


You know I love a geeky Halloween costume! This Halloween I spent the day dressed as Ariel the Little Mermaid, and some of the day as The Little Mermaid’s alternately-imagined persona, Hipster Ariel.

Hipster Ariel costume

Hipster Ariel

Hipster versions of Disney princesses make for some of my favorite internet memes, and Ariel is the original. Here are a few gems:

Hipster Ariel meme - I left the ocean, it's too current Hipster Ariel meme - I want to be where the PBR Hipster Ariel meme - I was the original hipster meme

Making of Hipster Ariel

Little Mermaid costume from Hot Topic

Note that there are several Little Mermaid costume options out there. The Hot Topic Little Mermaid costume option is nice because it’s essentially a one-piece dress with no midriff exposure, which was a big plus since I wore my outfit to work that day. The dress is sleeveless with little plastic straps. I purchased a nude cotton v-neck to wear underneath it (again, I went to work that day), and finished it off with these pink ballet flats from Target that I already owned.

Little Mermaid costume at Hot Topic

Hipster glasses

My hipster glasses were actually in a swag bag at a conference I attended years ago. You can purchase costume glasses in several different color options on Amazon here.

Temporary Hair Dye

My hair is red, but I wanted to give it the punch to rival Ariel’s flowing locks, so I experimented with Garnier’s Color Styler intense wash-out color in “Red Temptation.” You apply the product to dry hair, and then it dries on top of your hair and is supposed to wash out within 2 or 3 washes. Mine lasted more like 3 weeks.

Garnier intense wash-out color in Red Temptation

The color looked great, but the product severely dried out my hair. The product is really designed to dye small sections of hair (like the example on the box). I put it all over the outer layer of hair. The consistency is almost chalky when first applied, which left my hair crunchy for a few days, and then frizzy and dry for the next few weeks. Naturally my hair is extremely fine and flat, so this stressed me out a bit. All of the hair products I own are intended to add volume, and were useless to me.

Temporary hair dye 5 days later

Temporary hair dye, five days later

The color doesn’t rub off on clothing/furniture/etc., but it will start to wear off over time. I especially noticed this when I would run my fingers through my hair while styling it, or when it would rub off on my curling wand glove.

Temporary hair dye review

Curling iron wand glove beware


Here are a few of my favorite photos from Halloween!

2014-10-31 08.33.56

2014-10-31 08.33.16-1

Hipster Ariel costume

And here’s me at work as regular Ariel

Regular Ariel costume

Happy Halloween, everyone! Until next year!

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