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We are in the process of buying our first home and will be moving to northeast Houston next month! We’re BEYOND excited, but it will be a big change. Our new neighborhood is essentially the other side of the world from our current digs in Oak Forest, in northwest Houston just outside the loop from the Heights. We have lived Heights-adjacent for the past 4 1/2 years, and there are lots of things I will miss.

I have compiled a list of my favorites in and near Oak Forest that I will definitely miss being close to once we move. If you live near the GOOF (Garden Oaks/Oak Forest), I suggest you check these out for yourself!

Oak Forest Houston

My Oak Forest Favorites

1. Oak Forest Veterinary Clinic

I cannot say enough nice things about the team at Oak Forest Veterinary Clinic. The doctors are all extremely thoughtful. When Victoria was going through all of her hairball troubles, they did a great job navigating me through the options we had and ruling out less expensive possibilities before recommending I spend too much money. And they are all Aggies, which is an added bonus.

Pro tip: Oak Forest Vet Clinic only takes walk-ins on Saturdays. This is nice because you don’t have to make an appointment, but the waiting room can get crowded. Show up right when they open for minimal waiting.

Victoria at Oak Forest Vet Clinic

Victoria at Oak Forest Vet Clinic

2. T&S Auto Repair

I have had my fair share of car trouble over the last few years. And T&S Auto has been there for me every time. T&S is a family owned business, and the kind of place where they recognize you when you come in (even if it’s been a while). They do a great job of explaining your options and never make me feel out of place even though I know almost nothing about auto repair. I could not recommend them enough!

3. Queen Donut

Queen Donut is technically in Lazybrook/Timbergrove just inside the loop from Oak Forest, but is only a short trip. The name comes from the building next door, which used to be a Dairy Queen (and definitely still looks like one). That restaurant is now a super-hip Vietnamese-fusion tavern and grill, but before that was called “Queen Burger” aka “this is definitely not a Dairy Queen.” The menu was eerily similar to a standard Dairy Queen (including “Avalanches” that were basically Blizzards), but also had Gyros and various Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes. But I digress. The story is only part of the appeal. The Queen Donut has damn good donuts. And the staff is always smiling. Check it out if you’ve never been.

4. Karbach Brewing Company

The Karbach Brewery makes some of my favorite local craft beer. My personal favorite is the Weisse Versa. The brewery offers tours throughout the week, but is most crowded on Saturday. The brewery is open from 12-3 PM Saturday with tours that start at 1 PM and 2:15 PM. $8 gets you a 9 oz. glass and 4 tasting tokens. Or $16 gets you a 16 oz. glass and 3 tasting tokens. There are outdoor picnic tables and food trucks for enjoying your beer.

5. Outdoor Dining

There are a ton of great food options in and around Oak Forest! My favorites include a cold beer and an open patio:

  • Cedar Creek – My favorite restaurant in the Creek Group. Large patio, larger parking lot.
  • Hubcap Grill – Be prepared to wait for your burger (especially during busy times). But also be prepared for it to taste delicious.
  • Petrol Station – For an establishment focused on beer, the food is surprisingly good. Go on a nice day and sit outside!



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