#NerdLove Comic Book Engagement Photos!


We just got our engagement photos back and I absolutely LOVE them. Huge shout out to the fantastic Jenna Blanchard of My Happy Lens for the great shots!

I wanted to share a few of the photos that were the most unique to us – our comic book-themed engagement photos!

Comic Book Engagement Photos

Comic Book Wedding Covers

Comic Book Covers with Weddings or Love in the Cover Art

We brought the following comic books with us to our engagement shoot. These comic books depict weddings or love-themed art on the cover:

What other wedding cover art books are there that I left out? Let me know in the comments!

Comic Book Engagement Photos

 Comic Book Engagement Photos Comic Book Engagement Photos

Comic Book Engagement Photos Comic Book Engagement Photos

Engagement Photos - Amazing Spider-Man Annual Volume 1 #21  Comic Book Engagement Photos

Comic Book Engagement Photos


Bonus: Comic-Inspired Footwear!

My fiancé Jason also wore his DC Batman Converse shoes in all of our photos. These are a Journey’s exclusive – you can see the current DC Converse line here!

DC Batman Converse Shoes - Engagement Photos

Engagement Photos

Comic Book covers featuring wedding art and ideas for engagement photos with comic books!



More Geek Chic Wedding Ideas

I hope this gives other comic lovers ideas for engagement photos!

Love geeky wedding ideas? Check out my Pinterest board Geek Chic Wedding Ideas!



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