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Voting CatTomorrow is Election Day!

I have been trying to find a good resource that lists all of the measures on the Harris County ballot and I haven’t been able to find one – so I put together some links I found (from lots of different parties/places) in my research if you want to do some reading before you cast your vote.

There’s no agenda to this, just that I want to encourage everyone to do some research and cast your vote as you see fit!

Voting Logistics

I lost my voter registration card two or three moves ago, and I doubt I’m the only one. Not to worry – you can look up your polling place by your first and last name here:

On Election Day you have to vote at your polling place (in early voting you can vote anywhere). Polls are open 7 AM to 7 PM. You do need a photo ID to vote, but that’s all.

What’s On the Ballot in Houston?

QCait and Annise ParkerHere’s a list of everything on the ballot for Houston:

Here’s a list of all of the proposed State Constitutional Amendments:

When you look up your polling place you can see a sample ballot for your exact precinct to see exactly what to expect.

The Houston Mayoral race is at the top of the ballot. If no candidate gets 50% of the vote, there will be a run off of the top two candidates on December 14. I am partial to incumbent Annise Parker (See pic at right!).

Party Lines

For the local races, the ballot doesn’t show you which party someone is a part of next to their name. If you do plan to vote on party lines, I would recommend looking at the endorsements by your local party group ahead of time. For instance, the Harris County Young Democrats list all of their endorsements on their website. The same list should be easy to find for whatever party affiliation you subscribe to.

Propositions and Such

Harris County Proposition 1: Allocates funds for a Jail Processing center that will make inmate processing much more efficient in Harris county. Does not require a tax raise. Here is the best Q&A I could find on this from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office (I know, it’s confusing that they only offer this info in a downloadable PDF) –

Harris County Proposition 2: Allocate funds ($217 Million) to renovate the Astrodome into a conference center (if Prop 2 doesn’t pass then it gets torn down). Here’s your last chance to save the Eighth Wonder of the World. Does require a tax increase. Lots more on this issue from the Chron (which endorses this proposition) here:

Texas State Constitutional Propositions

There are 9 proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution. I tend to vote for these amendments – especially because they have to do with things like disabled veterans rights (Props 1 and 4) and eliminating obsolete requirements for the state medical board (Prop 2). Resources on these:

Proposition 6 is the most controversial of the amendments this time around – the proposition to establish two funds to finance Texas water conservation projects.  More info on Proposition 6:

Feel free to share any links I left out in the comments!


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