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Spock Halloween! Live Long and Prosper

Happy Halloween!

You know I love a nerdy Halloween costume. This Halloween I dressed as one of my favorite characters – Spock from Star Trek (or the girl version of Spock anyway). Happy Halloween!

Star Trek Girl Spock Costume

Spock Memes

A few of my favorite Spock memes. The first one in particular served as inspiration for this costume.

Spock - Set Phasers to Stunning

Party Spock is in the house tonight

Spock you like a hurricane

Live Long and Prospurrrr

Halloween Pictures!

A few of my favorite pics from Halloween!

With my beautiful coworker Ann aka Uhura
spock ears
Close up of my ears – the ears were a hit!
At Bedrock City Comics for their annual Halloween sale – you only get the sale if you’re dressed in costume!


Girl Spock Costume
Live long and prosper!


DIY Girl Spock Costume!

Here are the links to purchase the costume and ears:

Dress from Amazon – Blue, science officer dress. The dress runs a little large but generally true to size. It’s a polyester blend which doesn’t really breathe (so thank goodness it was chilly that day).

Spock ears – The ears are plastic – they fit over your ear lobes. I was surprised that they stayed on fine all day and didn’t really hurt at all. It was a bit odd to talk on the phone with them on, though!

Blue eye shadow – I wore Cover Girl Eye Enhancers 595 Blue Smoke which I think may be discontinued but this color is close.

Happy Halloween!



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