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My First Kickstarter Backing! BatteryBot from Mimoco

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I love Mimobots – those swanky USB drives with the fun designs that include DC Comics, Star Trek, Star Wars, Hello Kitty,  and historical figures like Abraham Lincoln.

Well, Mimoco (the company behind Mimobots) is using Kickstarter to launch a new product called BatteryBot. BatteryBot uses the same cool design aesthetic in a portable battery charger for any USB device.

I love the work the team at Mimoco does, and it was enough to get me to back their project.

This is my first ever Kickstarter project to back. The deadline is November 22. More soon on if the project gets funded!

Sweet promo video on Mimoco’s plans for BatteryBots


My Personal Mimobot

Cute + Tech = Awesome.

My Mimobot

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