Product Review: Anastasia Hair Makeup – Temporary Hair Color Looks Awesome but Can Get Messy


As a frequent hair dye-er who is always looking for something new, when I first saw the concept of “Hair Makeup” (temporary hair color that goes on and off just like makeup) in a fashion magazine, I knew I had to try it. This week, I saw some in a store for the first time and picked up Anastasia Hair Makeup temporary hair color from Ulta for $12. I had a lot of questions/doubts when I first tried it, so I thought I would share my experience.

Hair Makeup Pink

Some Notes Before we get Started:

  • My hair is red and not too dark, but one of the employees at Ulta with jet black hair said it worked well for her as well.
  • If you have any tips or other brands of hair makeup you’ve tried – I’d love to hear it! Post in the comments below!

How to Apply the Hair Makeup

You’ll need: Hair creme or balm (I used BB Styling Creme), Hair Spray, and a makeup application sponge  (use the cheap kind because it will get messy).

I have tried this twice so far. The first time I used my fingers instead of a sponge which made it a bit easier to apply, but made more of a mess.

Tools to apply Hair Makeup -

The directions on the box recommend wearing a towel around your shoulders which makes it a bit harder to maneuver, but I do recommend it to catch the extra powder that falls as you apply.

If you’re going to apply it to curly hair, it seems to work best if you curl your hair first. After the application I recurled that one section to give it extra bounce (it didn’t hurt my curling iron or anything).

Hair Makeup Application Steps

The whole thing is pretty easy and just takes a few minutes.

  1. Separate your hair with a hair tie so only the strand you want to color is left out.
  2. Put a little styling cream on the strands to prep it. I found that just a little works best.
  3. Hold your hair between the makeup sponge and the hair powder and glide the powder on. I had to do 2-3 coats to get all of my hair covered.
  4. Spray with hair spray to set (my advice is to let it sit for a few minutes to be sure)

How to apply hair makeup

 (I’m not quite sure I’m making such a serious face in this picture.)

Hair makeup experiment 14

After Hair Makeup Application – How Much of a Mess does this Stuff Make?

The biggest question I had when trying it was “how much of a mess is this hair makeup going to make?” The answer is “Not too much” – I’ve included some pictures to show you.

Makeup sponge after hair makeup application

Sponge after applying hair makeup

Towel after hair makeup application

Hair makeup towel

Hands after hair makeup application (it washes off with a few washes in soap and water)

Hair makeup experiment 13

Hair Makeup Results! I Loved it!

I was really, really happy with the results of the hair makeup! Especially considering how easy it was to apply.

Hair Makeup with Curly Hair (Second Application)

Hair makeup results

Hair Makeup with Straight Hair (first application)

Hair makeup results

how long does hair makeup last? hair makeup at the end of the day

How Long Does Hair Makeup Last?

The second question I had was “Does it last all day?” It definitely started to fade a little by the end of the day, but held up pretty well. It washes off really easily with one shampoo.

Hair Makeup at the End of the Day (as you can see, it lasted longer than my curls) >>

One Caveat – Hair Makeup Can Rub Off!

I specifically picked a more inside strand of hair to test on so there would be more hair between the color and my clothes in case it flaked off during the day. What I didn’t think about is that this piece of hair was touching my face.

I didn’t see any pink on my clothes at all, but after lunch I noticed a pink spot on my jaw line from the makeup . It was easy to get off with a quick paper towel + water fix, but just be aware that this stuff does rub off a bit. I think more hairspray might help this?

Pink spot on my face from the hair makeup

Hair makeup did rub off a bit 

In Conclusion – Hair Makeup is Definitely Worth a Try but Try to Avoid the Mess!

I loved this product and I wil definitely use again (and probably try more colors). Just be aware that it can make a mess and try to pick strands not immediately next to your clothes or face.

If you have any tips for applying this stuff or other brands to try, please leave them in the comments below!

Hair Makeup Product Review -

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    Bunny Reed

    March 30, 2013

    I agree that the temporary hair color can get messy after some time, but its fun to color your hair with different shades and enjoy it for the time being.

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    blouses for ladies

    April 25, 2013

    Hmmm!!!! Long since I am applying for my hair Anastasia makeup because this product doesn't have any bad effect. Besides this, this product is also affordable prices. Thanks

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