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Dries Keynote at SchipulCon on Drupal & Open Source

qcait and dries at SchipulCon

I am thrilled to see Dries Buytaert – the Belgian Geek best know for creating the Drupal Content Management System Schipul builds several of our client websites on – speak at SchipulCon today.

I thought I would share my notes from the talk. The video of the talk will be up on very soon.

Dries speaks at SchipulCon on Drupal & Open Source!

Drupal Origins

Drupal started 10 years ago by accident. Dries said, “I just wanted to spend a few days creating a message board.” Drupal 1.0.0 was released January 15, 2001. It began with social features like blogging, RSS feeds, and forums built in from the beginning. Dries: “I would find new trends on the web & integrate them into Drupal.” That has been a major theme for Drupal development since then.

Drupal Growth

Now Drupal powers 2% of all websites on the internet. The community is made up of  11K+ developers, 11K+ modules, and sees 1.5M unique visitors/month. And oh yeah, it’s free.

Dries of Drupal at SchipulConThere have been growing pains.  “Open Source development & communities are always a bit broken. These growing pains have always been a great thing. We’ve always come back stronger & stronger”

Big music labels like Sony & Warner have used Drupal to standardize sites for major artists like ACDC & Ozzy Osbourne. NonProfits, Finance, NASA, & Educators all use Drupal. Dries estimates that  39% of all .edu domains are on Drupal.

And Drupal’s reach goes beyond this one software. Dries said: “I really, truly believe that we are changing our industry.”  Dries speculates that the world is shifting from development to assembly of websites – people can pick the pieces and stick them together in a way that is user friendly. At the end of the day, it does take some technical skill to configure, and there is a learning curve… but the hope is that the back end gets easier and easier all the time.

qcait and dries at SchipulCon

Why Drupal will Win

Dries gives four reasons Drupal will win:

  1. Community
  2. Platform
  3. Evolution
  4. Cloud

Community is the Major Reason Drupal is Winning. People are passionate about the platform, and work harder than they have to to make sure it’s secure, up to date, and as innovative as possible. It is an inspiring culture of fun and innovation that expresses their love for Drupal in tattoos, Halloween pumpkins, even rap videos.

Dries of Drupal at Schipulcon - Community breeds Innovation

The big theme of the day is the innovation of Open Source. Everyone needs a website – every thing, every book, every product. Open Source means no software fees, accessibility for everyone. Open Source also means tens of thousands of developers working to make it better, where even a huge company with proprietary software can only employ so many engineers.

For more, visit, or follow the tweets at the hashtag #SchipulCon.

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