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Top Cat Lady Ads of 2011

Cats hanging out in the laundry hamper

2011 is not even half way over and I’m declaring it now – 2011 is the year of the cat lady.

Everywhere you look there are adorable cats. Or maybe that’s just YouTube.

Flip through the pages of a People Magazine and you’ll notice a trend there as well. Women control 80% of the consumer economy, and 33% of US Households own at least one cat… that’s a pretty sizable group.

Top 3 Cat Lady Commercials of 2011:

#3 -Sprint “Cats” Commercial

This one should be titled “The Internet is Made of Cats” … except that’s already taken.

YouTube Link

#2 Temptations Treats “Laundry”

This commercial is adorable, and not just because the cat looks sneakingly like Victoria, who also loves laundry.

Exhibit A:

Cats hanging out in the laundry hamper

YouTube Link

#1 Fancy Feast “The Engagement”

#1 has to be this wordless piece from Fancy Feast. This commercial brought me to tears the first time I saw it. I’m a sucker for romance… and adorable kittens.

YouTube Link

Honorable Mention for Friskies trippy hit “Adventureland” – where the cat gets high on treats and goes to a magical land of dancing turkeys. Seriously.


I think cats have made a good showing this year for commercials! Any I left out? Let me know! >^..^<

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