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Great Free WordPress Mobile Theme – Wapple!

In my experience, most out of the box WordPress mobile themes are not good (especially the free ones).

The functionality is usually ok, but in the age of sophisticated phones with 8 megapixel cameras and streaming HD video, there is no need to strip down a mobile site to such bare bones and make it… so… fugly, just because it’s mobile.

I have tried a few different “one click” mobile WordPress themes for my blog and have not loved any of them. Until today, when I found Wapple‘s Architect Mobile Plugin.

Wapple sets up a basic mobile theme, and lets you customize everything from the top header image to the footer. How many posts should show on a page? How much text? Include a photo? It seems they’ve thought of everything. I love the ease of use and quick set up.

To Install and Set Up

  1. To install, download and install the Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin For WordPress.
  2. From here, you’ll need to set up a login on Wapple’s website. My only complaint with the whole process is that the Wapple.net site isn’t very user friendly (I guess they’re used to working in mobile).
  3. Sign up for an account, and then go to the “Architect” tab and click “Add a new dev key.” It will ask you for your domain, and then generate a key to enter into the Settings on your WordPress site.

(Click Screenshot to Enlarge)


The plugin adds a separate block in the sidebar of your WordPress dashboard called “Architect.” Walk through each of the links from top to bottom to customize your mobile site’s look and functionality.

Basic and Advanced are global settings for the whole mobile site, then move to Home Page, Post Page, Page, Archive Page, & Search to customize those pages. Sidebar allows you to add sidebar information (in my testing this information appeared underneath each page).

So… How does it look?

Here’s how qcait.com now looks on my EVO:


Post Page


I am extremely pleased with Wapple’s ease of use, end result, and price (free!). I am geeking out over all of the customization options I have, and how easy the set up was. And I can happily cross #27. Set up a Mobile Theme for my Blog off my Day Zero Project List!

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