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My New HTC Evo

The iPhone 4 is a really cool phone, with lots of cool features (flash camera! multitasking! Face time!) and a much faster processor than my 2 generation old iPhone 3G. And the new iPhone OS4 is designed for this technological masterpiece. But what about the rest of us? After upgrading the OS on the 3G, my phone just couldn’t handle it. It was slow moving and my apps crashed as often as they didn’t. Not to mention the occasions when someone called, and no matter how many time I pressed “answer,” nothing happened.

I felt betrayed – Maybe that’s a little dramatic, but I had been with AT&T for 7 years (since it was Cingular) & had my iPhone for almost three. Sure, I could upgrade to the latest phone, but then what happens when the next phone comes out – and the next?

And not to mention that AT&T just got the award for worst mobile carrier by Consumer Reports, who did a survey of 60,000 people – half of them iPhone users.

Long live EVO!

It was time for a change. On Christmas Eve, we cashed in on (I refuse to call it “The Shack”) Radioshack’s $100 off promotion for any phone trade in (seriously any phone, it just had to turn on). I brought in my dad’s old Cingular flip phone, and walked out with Android’s HTC EVO from Sprint. And I am in love.

We are saving $50 a month for two of us, and the phone is more reliable, faster, and all around more awesomer. Have you seen the size of that screen???

Things I like so far –

  1. SPEED!
  2. I like that the notifications are all in one place, aggregated in the top of the status bar
  3. I love how integrated everything is – my contacts list shows me each person’s Facebook profile pic, and their latest Twitter or Facebook status
  4. The jolt as you click or type that lets you know it’s working – on the iPhone I would often “click” things over and over and I wasn’t sure it was working
  5. The back button! How did I ever live without it? Seriously.
  6. Voice command – surprisingly accurate
  7. Love the 8 megapixel camera

Things I don’t love so far –

  1. The battery life
    This thing is powerful, and drains FAST. I spent much of my first weekend tweaking settings, and looking up ways to save battery life.
  2. I’m having a hard time adjusting to the keyboard
    I keep pressing period instead of space & I’m getting used to using the arrows to move the cursor to the middle of a word instead of just clicking. Granted, I felt the same way with my first iPhone – like I would never get the hang of it.
  3. The mail
    Gmail is fantastic, but with the Mail client and my work email I can’t file email or multiselect emails.
  4. The Droid Facebook app is not great
    I can’t tag photos or change my profile pic, which is obnoxious.
  5. The app store
    Where Apple gets the reputation of being too strict with Apps (specifically dealing with competitors like Google Voice), I feel like Google is playing it fast and loose. For instance, when I search for “Starbucks,” I see 29 apps – none of which look official and most look spammy. I wish the bad apps were weeded out for me.

At the end of the day

I’m on a break with Apple/iPhone for now. I’m ready to check out all the awesome things Droid does at least as well (if not better) for less.

What about you? –  Switched or thinking about it? Would never give up your precious iPhone? Have advice for Droid apps? I want to know!

*** UPDATE***

I forgot to mention that I gifted my phone to a dear friend who had busted the screen on her 3G iPhone, and was using the phone literally taped into a phone case to keep it together. As that phone was gifted to me out of love and kindness, I had to pass on the love and good Karma!!!

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    James Nguyen

    December 27, 2010

    I'm LOVING my new Samsung Epic from sprint. The super-amoled screen is gorgeous, and I love finally having an awesome camera on the go. Twitpic party!

    Anything was better than that Blackberry Pearl. hahaha.

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      December 27, 2010

      I like the camera more than my point and shoot!

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    fire hose reels

    July 20, 2011

    I currently rock the HTC EVO, but does anyone have any thoughts on the new Droid Bionic comin out soon?

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