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Nerd Stuff in Houston

My sister is both a poor college student and a bona fide nerd (she has the Anime Convention photos and Batgirl tattoo to prove it). So in planning her visit to Houston later this month, she specifically requested “nerd stuff.” I originally compiled this list for her, but I want to share!

Here’s my list of must-see Houston nerd adventures:

1. Comic Book Shopping

I love comic book shops. My favorite in Houston is Bedrock City Comics. With 4 locations all around town and an events calendar to keep any nerd busy, this place is awesome. They have comics, books, apparel, knick knacks, toys, and collectibles to spare.

I also love Third Planet – if my dad opened a store and set out all of the sci fi and nerd memorabilia he’s been collecting for 25 years, it would look like Third Planet. This place is hard to get to and has a tiny parking lot, but is filled with treasure inside. A must see for visiting nerds, but I don’t get the impression the stock changes much.

2. The Hobbit Cafe

This is a must see by special request from my sister. The Hobbit Cafe is really more about the food (healthy, veggie friendly) than the nerd stuff, but definitely worth checking out. One of my favorite Houston porches, and a damn good burger.

Photo thanks to Flickr user nutmeg

3. The Orange Show monument

The Orange Show monument is perhaps the most unique thing in Houston. A folk art environment that is like nothing you’ve ever seen. Though I know she would love to experience the amazing Art Car parade first hand, for this weekend we’ll be sure to visit the monument.

My Art Car Parade 2010 Photos | Orange Show Monument photos

Full disclosure –  Schipul did the Orange Show website & I think it’s completely fabulous.


4. Houston Museums

I love Houston museums! I’m a big space geek and I love taking out of town visitors to NASA (it’s a bit pricey and exhibits don’t change often enough for locals to go often). The Museum of Fine Arts is fabulous and where else but The Houston Museum of Natural Science can you not only watch a super rare Corpse Flower bloom but also follow her on Twitter (@CorpzFlwrLois)?

I’ve never been to The Health Museum, but it currently has an exhibit on animation sponsored by Cartoon Network that I want to check out. What nerd doesn’t love Adult Swim?

5. Alamo Drafthouse

Love, love, love Alamo Drafthouse. The venue may not immediately strike you as nerdy, until you take a look at the events calendar and notice Tuesday is “Anime at the Alamo,” during the fall they show weekly Lost showings, and next weekend will feature a Kevin Smith inspired art show in the lobby. And there’s beer! Nerd bliss!

The original Austin locations are really the ultimate experience, but Houston’s West Oaks location is a great alternative to trading your right arm for a Saturday night out with Front Row Joe.

Bonus #6:

I’ve never been but definitely want to check out Joystix Arcade – featuring classic arcade games. Most days it’s a full service shop and the lounge is available for parties, but on Pacman Fever Friday (the first and last Friday of each month) $15 buys you unlimited games on the classic machines.

That’s what I got! I’m also working on compiling a List on Yelp called Nerd Stuff in Houston. What did I miss? Please let me know!

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