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Seattle Trip 2010!

In case you missed the photos and tweets, I spent my 4th of July in Seattle. If you’re following my Day Zero Project list, that means I crossed off #85 Go on a girls’ trip, #91 Visit Jenny in Seattle, and #1 Shop at a Farmer’s Market.

Things I recommend checking out on your next trip to Seattle:

1. Walk as much as possible

We were lucky enough to be in the heart of Fremont, aka the center of the universe. We walked to the Fremont market, the troll under the bridge, vintage shops, Google offices, great coffee, and the (world record winning!)  annual zombie walk.

2. Eat, Drink, and Shop

The best way to bond with wonderful friends. Some of my favorite moments from this visit –

  • Got a pitcher at The Buckaroo Tavern – where they shot the pool hall scenes in 10 Things I Hate About You
  • Bought fruit and lavender at Pike’s Place Market – and I can’t resist the photo op outside of the original Starbucks
  • Waited out the rain in the open air of the Gypsy Cafe
  • Shopped at H&M – dear H&M, please open a store anywhere in the south

3. Go to Canada

Ok this is technically not in Seattle, but the 2ish hour drive to Vancouver might have been the highlight of my year. Very walkable, very fabulous. We ate only fantastic food – especially the spaghetti and champagne at Cinch. And get yourself a Kit Kat – I promise they taste better in Canada (they use Nestle chocolate).


>> I try to go once a year to visit – where are your favorite places to go in Seattle???

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