#38 Sing in a Choir – Easter musings

This weekend I had the privilege to cross #38 off my 101 in 1001 list – Sing in a Choir – when I sang the Hallelujah Chorus with the Northaven UMC choir and my Mom on Easter Sunday.

My mother is strong, brave, spiritual, peaceful, loving, intelligent, and full of joy like no one else I know.

She is the one who taught me that the most important thing to pack on a trip is your Positive Mental Attitude (P.M.A.), and that the #1 rule of driving is that you can’t go until the car in front of you goes. She sends me blog posts her pastor writes and gives me her fabulous shoes when she’s done with them because we wear the same size. She got on Facebook and Twitter so she could communicate with her kids, and her Twitter stream is made up of replies to us with advice and reminders that she loves us.

My parent’s divorce is still relatively fresh on my heart – when my “perfect” family of happily married heterosexual parents and 2.4 kids turned into something more like a Lifetime Movie. I know undeniably that everything turned out for the best – my mom and dad are both happy in love (with other people) and my mom made a call that some people don’t feel empowered enough to make.

She will always beat me in Scrabble, and she will never pass up an opportunity to watch a beauty pageant or spelling bee with me. I love her, and I loved singing with her on Sunday. It’s one of those moments I don’t get enough of now that I’ve moved away. So it’s important to cherish every one!

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