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Balance is Bullshit – Stephanie Klein and Jenn Lancaster at SXSW

The following is a recap of one of my favorite SXSW Interactive panels – “Balance is Bullshit” featuring Stephanie Klein (author of Straight Up & Dirty and Moose: A Memoir – who blogs on and Jenn Lancaster (former dot com executive, author of Bitter is the New Black and Bright Lights, Big Ass – who writes on Both very witty, intelligent, and busy women.

The premise is that no one really has it together – there is no secret formula. There are only tips and tools that can help in the balancing act.

The panel was set up as a discussion with the audience, so much of the following is paraphrased and cited where possible.

Omar Gallaga also wrote a great recap of this panel on

From Stephanie, on being away from family

  • When I go out and choose to be on book tour – I am very keenly aware that I am choosing not to be with my family
  • I make peace with it because I know that I am a strong role model
  • I think it’s important that children know that while I love them very much, they are not the center of the universe
  • An audience member: “I think that happy parents are good parents – and I am a lot happier with my daughter when I feel I’ve fulfilled myself.”

Jenn, On setting deadlines

  • I start by making myself write 9-5 – I have to write 2,000 words each day. They don’t have to be great, but I can’t edit what I don’t write
  • I don’t write on the weekends because I want to see my husband
  • When you give yourself a hard deadline – you get it done
  • Students in college who take 5 courses vs. those who take the same 5 courses and have a job – those with a job do better in those classes because they have to

“Work hard, play hard is just hard” @Stephanie Klein #balanceisbullshit

On being too connected to technology to get things done

  • Stephanie: I schedule blog posts in advance when I can – sometimes schedule my tweets using (note: I use HootSuite for this)
  • Schedule time being unconnected – i.e. Silent Sundays
  • Use tools like muuter to filter hash tags
  • “We haven’t lost that desire to connect to each other”
  • Stephanie: I work at Target – the Starbucks has no internet so I get things done
  • 76% ppl who write blogs feel like they don’t get enough done in the day

Recommended Tools for Productivity

  • Tweet Funnel to schedule tweets
  • Muuter to filter out unwanted hastags on Twitter
  • Focus Booster – hides all screens except the one you’re working on based on the Pomodoro Technique
  • The Pomodoro Technique – Work for 25 minutes completely uninterrupted and then take a 5 minute break

On Staying Focused

  • Jenn: Self esteem is setting goals for yourself and achieving them – and that’s what a to do list does
  • Just say no – you have to be comfortable and ok with saying no when you’re too busy
  • On my to do list, I want to make sure that at least most of these things I’m going to enjoy

On following your passion

Stephanie’s Story:

  • I worked full time at an advertising firm in Manhatten and realized I hated it – so I did something about it – Because wishing takes the same amount of energy as planning
  • I figured out what can my company do for me – I learned photography and my company paid for it. Then I was at a party attended by a few celebrities and someone said “you with the camera – take pictures.” And I became a red carpet photographer
  • “I would go to parties and take pictures and give people my card to get the pictures – and send them to my website
  • In today’s economy, it’s foolish to just up and leave – I kept my job and I made my job work for me
  • It doesn’t feel like work if you love it

Jenn’s Story:

  • “I knew if I just worked all the time that eventually I would get to the point where I could have balance”
  • “Writing is something I do that I love and I would do it for free”
  • if you are looking for a literary agent – find books like what you want to write and go to the acknowledgements – they always thank their agent
  • Joseph Campbell said “follow your bliss”

On fearlessly being yourself online

  • Stephanie: I met my husband through my blog – meanwhile, there have been a whole slew of men who have told me “no man will ever love you because of what you put on your website”
  • “If you’re not pissing off some people off, you’re doing something wrong”
  • “I started my blog because I needed something that would make me happy no matter what anyone else said”
  • Don’t worry about focusing your topics – “Be an expert in whatever you are working on in that moment”

How do you handle the naysayers?

  • If it stings, it’s probably because you doubt – so do something about it
  • Our enemies are our best teachers
  • How you can learn is to be motivated by it
  • Support each other – if you are a mommy blogger, support other mothers – make them feel good about what they’re doing

A great session – with lots of tips for tools to try. And I will say – I am about halfway through Stephanie’s book Moose, and loving it so far!


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    Stephanie Klein

    March 20, 2010

    Hey, great recap, and thanks for the summary. Hope you got all you wanted out of the panel. Appreciate your spreading the word. Nicely done.

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      March 23, 2010

      Thanks so much for the comment! I really enjoyed the panel ~ thanks for the kind words!

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    Kelsey Ruger

    March 29, 2010

    Grreat post. Sorry I missed this panel.

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    April 4, 2011


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