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Adventures in Aggieland with the TAMU AAF chapter

Yesterday I had the privilege of presenting to the Texas A&M Chapter of the American Advertising Federation, thanks to my dear friend Andrew Haynes. I had a blast – I LOVE interacting with students – and I think they enjoyed it as well. Below is my presentation I gave – on me, what I do with my degree, and some tips on getting into web for interested students.

Presentation to Texas A&M’s AAF chapter – Using my Marketing Degree

Probably the most actionable slide is the one of suggestions for if you are interested in Web. The bottom line is the way I learn best is to get in and do it – so my advice is to take in as much information as possible, and volunteer to get involved at every opportunity!

Tips for students interested in web –

1. Read

2. Start using these tools

  • To build your personal brand
  • Volunteer to start a Twitter account and Fan Page for an organization

3. Learn

4. Follow the trends

  • Read blogs like Mashable, Inside Facebook, local companies like Schipul (sorry, I had to plug our blog because I love it!)
  • Follow people in the field (beware of social media “experts”)

5. Remember that being young can be an advantage in this field

Thanks and Gig ’em!

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