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SchipulCon Day 1 Recap

It was a great day of learning at SchipulCon! Our keynote Deirdre Breckenridge and all the other speakers were awesome – and spoke on topics ranging from social media to public relations to Tendenci and Drupal and WordPress to blogging and non profit marketing.  Lots of good stuff!

Here are some random favorite moments of the day:

4. The ZOO Animals! Including Toby and Dynamo Diesel

I have been to the Houston Zoo many times since Toby the Red Panda (aka the cutest animal ever) came to live at the zoo, and each time he has been asleep – or curled up asleep where I can’t even see his face. TODAY HOWEVER, in HONOR of SchipulCon – Toby was out and running from corner to corner as quickly as possible. He’s SO CUTE!

toby the red panda at the Houston Zoo

Another fascinating animal who came to visit at the zoo – the one and only Dynamo Diesel (aka the Houston Dynamo’s mascot!). Things got a little crazy when he and Aaron took a little run!

View the video on YouTube

3. The Sponsors! Including the Inflatable Tony Chachere

We had several amazing sponsors, including Tony Chachere’s – who brought the inflatable “Little Tony” and Tony’s can! Prime photo op.

Little Tony Chachere and QCait

Photo thanks to Fayza and the iPhone app Camera Genius!

2. The speakers! Including Paula Berg!

It’s been some time since I’ve seen Paula Berg – the fantastic manager of the emerging media team at Southwest Airlines. Her presentation was on Southwest’s social media strategy – what tools they use and how, and case studies for specific situations. Paula lives, eats, and breathes Southwest Culture – and loves sharing it with customers. Not to mention she’s extremely real, and has years of great experience to share!

Paula Berg

Slide from Paula’s Preso: Timeline of US Airway landing in the Hudson – the first highlighted item is the event, the second highlighted item is the company’s first response. Everything in between are events that happened in social media. (Click for a bigger image)

Paula Berg Southwest Air timeline of US Airways landing

Another Slide from Paula:  Takeaways from the presentation – don’t be afraid to join the conversation!!

paula berg southwest air presentation take aways

1. Schipulites! Including Ed, Fayza, HappyKatie, AHughes, Brandius, Thisisnotapril, JJ, Dstagg, MagsMac, etc. etc.

All of the Schipulites who presented today did a fantastic job! I may be more than a little biased because I think they’re all total rockstars… but here are some highlights:

From Fayza: How to rock out Twitter

how to rock out twitter - from fayza

From Katie on Personal Branding: “Remember there is no real delete key online. Everything lives on attached to you.” -@happykatie

there is no delete button online! from happy katie

From AHughes, DStagg, and JMO – the Hands On Drupal track (featuring myself singing backup!)

Hands On Drupal from Schipul – The Web Marketing Co. on Vimeo.

It was an absolutely fantastic today and I can’t wait for day 2! Follow the tweets by searching the hash tag #schipulcon, follow the SchipulCon website for any updates and post conference updates (we’ll be posting slides, videos, and photos after the conference), and check out eyeficard’s SchipulCon set on Flickr for real time photo updates from the conference (seriously, check out – it is SO cool)!

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    October 16, 2009

    Your vocals sound great on the Drupal track, lookin fly on tha video too!

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      October 16, 2009

      Thanks so much, AHughes!! Thanks
      for helping me work it out… It was a blast!

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    October 19, 2009


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    August 16, 2011

    Like much the ZOO pic, he really is cute…
    The Take aways are funny.

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