#48. Go to a Rocky Horror Picture Show showing at midnight

Frank N. Furter's big entrance!On October 1, 2009 I began the Day Zero Project – where I work through a list of 101 tasks in 1001 days (view the full list at qcait.com/101in1001).

Last night I completed #48: Go to a Rocky Horror Picture Show showing at midnight

My dear friend Rachael (who adores Tim Curry like no one else I know) and I went to River Oaks theater in Houston for our adventure. The theater features a live performance by The Beautiful Creatures along with the movie – see more on the Beautiful Creatures at HoustonRHPS.com and on Twitter @HoustonRHPS.

The Preparation

I prepared by watching my Rocky Horror DVD (which is on sale at Amazon right now for under $8 if you don’t have it) with the “Live Theater Experience” extra feature turned ON. This essentially means added incoherent yelling to your at home viewing experience. I also read up on props we would need on the official fan site RockyHorror.com. But don’t worry – they sell prop bags for $2 at the theater, so you don’t need much prep to join in on the audience participation!

ready to go with my MJ zombie shirt onnecessary provisions for Rocky Horror

The Show

The show was fantastic! The Beautiful Creatures’ costumes were more exact to the movie than any other cast I’d seen – even down to the rips in Magenta’s nightgown in the final scenes. Impressive. They were hilarious and the interaction with the crowd didn’t leave anyone out. The whole experience was like one big, fabulous, raucous party!

I highly recommend experiencing Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight for yourself, especially in the month of October to get you in the Halloween mood (bonus points if you dress up to the showing!). The next Houston showing is October 24 at the West Oaks Alamo Draft House, and then October 30th and 31st at River Oaks.

The big finale

To see all the photos from the experience, check out my set on Flickr: Rocky Horror Houston


For More Rocky Horror, check out this short documentary with interviews from the cast.

“It’s not the Sound of Music, that’s for sure.” – Anthony Head

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