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@BravoTV makes my day!

Many of you know I have a ridiculous obsession with reality television, especially Bravo. I am what you might call a Raving Fan. I will watch whatever they suggest and share the love about new shows with friends!

Recently, I have given Bravo some flack (ex. here) when they tried to branch into Twitter because you could tell they really didn’t know how to use the tool properly. My biggest issue is that Bravo seemed to only create a Twitter account just a few days before a big Twitter promotion and then spent the entire time talking about themselves and the event (multiple identical reminder tweets per day). My biggest issue: not sharing with the fans… thus breaking one of the cardinal rules of Twitter: It’s not all about you!

But… all is forgiven, because they replied to me via Twitter yesterday and completely made my day.

Here’s my tweet

This was after the fire in my upstairs neighbors’ apartment and ensuing sprinkler gush that soaked my kitchen and we had to cut the power in the apartment for safety (don’t worry, no one was hurt and there will definitely be an entirely separate post about all of that).

From qcait to bravottv

Moved the tv in the bedroom (only room with power) so I can watch top chef on @bravotv while we wait for the water extraction people. #nerd


Here’s Bravo’s response



@qcait that is commitment!

Thanks for the love!

It was simple and to the point. And it completely made my day.

That’s the thing about raving fans. They really like you. And they LOVE being acknowledged by you. Or at least I do! Thanks Bravo for reaching out to the fans!

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