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PR 2.0 – You’re Doing it Right Examples

I just finished the book PR 2.0. It’s pretty basic – geared toward traditional PR professionals who don’t quite understand all the tools available on the web to help them maintain their brands. For someone who understands web tools, the descriptions of how an RSS feed works, how a blog can help you, etc. are probably explanations you’ve written yourself to explain to clients and friends. I did really enjoy the interviews with professionals to hear their stories.

It got me thinking about good examples of companies doing cool things incorporating social media into their PR strategy.

Examples of great online public relations

A few of my favorite examples of great online public relations are when a brand or company gets made fun of and rolls with it – ultimately coming out looking better in the end.

Case 1: EA Sports

So the story goes like this – a gamer by the username Levinator 25 found a glitch in the Tiger Woods golf game where when Tiger’s golf ball flies into the water, Tiger walks on water to retrieve the ball. He posted a simple 30 second video, which has since receive over 834,000 views and is rated 4 1/2 stars (almost unheard of among the infamously HARSH YouTube audience).

EA responded with a video as a response to the original, showing Tiger himself ACTUALLY walking on water and proclaiming “It’s not a glitch.”

EA’s video has a staggering 3 MILLION hits and a 5 star rating. And it’s hilarious.

Why it worked:

  • EA responded in the same medium as the original
  • EA put resources behind it – they got Tiger himself involved
  • EA responded directly to the fan, and more importantly –  included the fans in the action

Case 2: Torn by Natalie Imbruglia featuring Johan Lippowitz

So a mime comedian named Johan Lippowitz posts videos on YouTube with his mime interpretation of various pop songs. An artist could see this as poking fun at their meticulously crafted songs, or they could roll with it. Like Natalie Imbruglia.

Natalie took it a step further and INVITED Johan to perform his rendition of Torn at one of her concerts – much to the surprise of the crowd. Everyone loved it, and it made her look better in the end. The video has received over 3 million views, and is a great example of good PR – whether that was her intention or not.

One of my favorite truths from the book PR 2.0 is: “The ability to build better relationships through targeted communication is the key to brand success.” … and I think that’s definitely true, especially in these cases!

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