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I wanted to drop a quick post this week on a really cool free service I’ve been using called Geni.

Kaluza family wedding

I signed up for at the suggestion of Ed Schipul (as in Schipul, where I work), after he saw some pictures I posted of my family on flickr (like the one above, for example). It has been extremely easy to use (you can use Facebook connect and use your address book to quickly find family members to add to your tree), and my entire family is getting into it – even those that I can barely get to use e-mail!

It’s on my life goals list to figure out exactly where in the Czech Republic my family comes from (my great grandfather was 11 when they came over on the boat into Galveston), and go there with my dad.

In the few days since I started, my tree has 29 people on it, and three other family members are actively adding more. I love this application and I hope to keep using it as a central place to store information!

Someone else's Geni tree

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