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Save your money, don’t buy a Kindle


With the uncertainty of the economy these days, we all find ourselves budgeting. I choose to opt for the public library over Amazon (the Houston library website is awesome), the less expensive and undeniably trendy Forever 21 over more expensive classic pieces, and the free (already paid for) entertainment of streaming Netflix over going to the movies… but to each his own. Another budget breakthrough? If you were considering doling out $250 for Amazon’s Kindle (or Kindle II, if you’re getting specific), you don’t have to!

Kindle iPhone app!

Amazon has launched a free Kindle application that allows you several of the features of a Kindle (but for free). Yes, you still have to pay for the books, but you can sync any books you already own on your iPhone, and it will remember where you were in the book when you left off. Here’s more info on the Kindle iPhone app from Mashable.


So, the good news: if you’ve already spent a couple hundred on an iPhone, you don’t have to spend another couple hundred on something new!

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