The long wait is over

It has been almost 4 years since I’ve had a true first day of work. I spent 4 years part and full time at my last job, and while my role and coworkers have changed, I got over that shy, scared, new feeling in my first internship in the summer of 2005. That feeling will come again in two short days.

And thank God for that.

It has been an incredibly arduous two weeks searching for employment. I have not eaten, slept, or even breathed normally in days.  I worked tirelessly to ensure that I was doing absolutely everything I could do to make something happen. And that meant many hours of Google searches and resume submissions and sitting in my apartment generally freaking out. This does not sanity make.

For those looking for job searching advice: I crawled sites like,,, linkedin, and others daily (most offer daily e-mail updates when something new is posted)… but I was the most successful when I accessed company websites directly. I spent time looking for companies whose business fit my skill set and organizations (companies, non profits) that I find interesting or “would be cool to work for.” Most have a fairly detailed “Careers,” “Job,” or “Employment” section on their website, and I sent out several general inquiry-type e-mails. It’s easier to start a conversation with someone when you share their passion for what they do.

Another tip: I spoke with a fantastic staffing agency called Clearpoint Creative here in Houston that specializes in creative industries (like web), and they mentioned that while most companies are wary of taking on full time employees, those willing to do contract work or work part time are extremely marketable.

For those of you still in school: There are several companies that offer fantastic internships that only college students are eligible to take on, including the Houston Zoo, Houston Museum of Art, and other very cool companies in town. I highly recommend considering those opportunities before you finish school. Especially if that means more of my fantastic TAMU friends moving to Houston!

I keep having terrible flashbacks to my first day at RD2 when Alex the coder suggested I sit on the scanner so they could figure out the exact Pantone color of my skirt and my first assignment that day, which was recording a sample voice over so they could get the timing right on an animation. This meant setting up with a laptop under the conference room table (it had the best acoustics) and then playing it back for the entire team. I also must keep in mind that I was 19 years old then. Nineteen. I’ve come a long way since then, personally and professionally. And I can’t wait for another new beginning… if not only to end the torture I have been enduring for the last two weeks!

Currently watching: The Office Season 3. Thanks to NetFlix (see previous post), I have made it through the entire first two seasons!

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