Genius is basically worthless. Sigh.

I had such high hopes. I wanted so much for it to be cool. But as usual, iTunes DRM ruins everything.

So, the new iTunes upgrade has this seemingly cool sidebar called “Genius.” Genius downloads your library, uploads it to iTunes, and then suggests cool music you might like that you don’t already have. Also, when you click on a song, genius can generate a playlist of 25, 50, or 100 songs in your library that are similar to that song.

Sounds cool. So I tried it. My Dispatch “Bats in the Belfry” playlist (click to view) kicked ass. Then I started to try other songs… and began to notice that Genius kept recommending songs I already have.

Turns out that Genius doesn’t recognize about 80% of the songs that I have in my library that are not iTunes bought. Because of the aforementioned iTunes DRM limitations, I almost never download from iTunes… so that means most of my library is not even recognized by Genius. I can’t make playlists from those songs or incorporate those songs in playlists. Bottom line: this pretty much devalues the entire program, and I will probably turn it off soon.

I even tried to change the info attached to a song to “trick it” to think it was an iTunes song with no luck. Surely iTunes can come up with a smart “tag” system to figure out which songs match their iTunes coding. Playlists only exist within a user’s own library, so I don’t see how this would botch the system.

The positive:
Curious to see what suggestions it would give me for my High School Musical tracks, Genius did share with me that there are two new HSM3 singles I was unaware of. … But then I found them online for free.

Currently listening to: Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins
“I’m in love with illusions, so saw me in half”

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