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WordPress App(s) of the day

I finally upgraded my wordpress to 2.6… it took zero time using a really great plug in called WordPress Automatic Upgrade. It essentially does all the work for you (backing files up, etc.), you just click “Next” after each step completes. Cake.

Another module I installed today is Twitter for WordPress. I don’t think I’ll use it to update on my day to day (that’s what facebook statuses are for, people), but I’m toying with the idea of using it to micro blog on this site. You’ll see the posts coming in in the first side bar under “Quick” (get it? with the Q?).

In case you were curious, other plug ins I’m using on this site are FlickrRSS and recent tracks (currently experimenting with this one as well).

Speaking of what I’m listening to lately, starting this week I’ll blog about my ACL picks and playlists. So keep watching, because I’ll be looking forward to your suggestions!

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