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In case you were curious, below are some of my most favorite blogs in my Google reader. Enjoy, and let me know if you think I left anything out!!

Business in the Front – Web Design, User Experience, Web Marketing… all those work-type things

Presentation Zen –  Garr Reynolds talks about professional presentation design. He also recommends great books like the manga-style career guide The Adventures of Johnny Bunko.

Think Vitamin –  Online magazine dedicated to all that is Web 2.0.

Matt Cutts – Matt Cutts works for Google and addresses things like SEO tips, new Google features, and answering user questions about Google. I like Matt because he’s really personal and transparent about what he does at work.

AdFreak – I’m obsessed. Updated several times a day, AdFreak highlights great Ads – traditional, viral, video, print, international… anything interesting will get highilighted here.

Party in the Back – Miscellaneous things that bring me joy

Blog me. – My roommate Kay’s witty chronicles of her free spirited life… and no it’s not just because she occassionally mentions nice things about me.

Inside Facebook – Read about the latest development updates from the good people at Facebook. Why? I love the inside scoop.

Ken Jennings – You’ve heard me talk and talk about how much I love Ken’s book, Brainiac. His blog is witty, funny, and provides great trivia.

Stuff White People Like – Not only are they usually dead on, but the articles make me laugh out loud like no other.

Word of the Day from – This is where I learn myself some new words.

I Can Has Cheezburger – Cats + Adorableness = Purrfection.


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