Weddings and Weight Watchers


Last weekend (8/8/08) was another wedding for another very happy and deserving couple. I’ve been to several weddings this summer, and each one is a balance between indulging in the celebration for my friends, and sticking to my new endeavors with Weight Watchers. Below are my tips for making it through the big challenge of special events – free food and drink!

Skip the cake
This one’s a trade off. A piece of cake is 12 weight watchers points. A glass of wine is 2. I personally would rather have 6 glasses of wine and one small bite of cake than 1 piece of cake a sip of champagne at the toast.

After those glasses of wine, live it up on the dance floor with friends! This is easily “High” level of activity, and you gain back 1 point for every 15 minutes (4-5 songs)!

Wear comfortable shoes
If your shoes are uncomfortable you’re more likely to spend the night sitting at your table than getting up and walking and mingling. Also, uncomfortable shoes make dancing more difficult (see number 2). Etiquette tip: Leave your shoes on as long as you can stand it. If you’re not a bridesmaid and you got to choose your own footwear, I don’t really feel sorry for you – beauty is not always pain!

Eat slowly
It takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to register that it’s full. No matter how hungry and excited you are, try to slow down and avoid going back for seconds. It’s an opportunity for some good conversation with other guests who you haven’t seen since the last shindig!

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