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Everybody wants to be a cat

Last weekend, I adopted an adorable 8 week old kitten from Feral Friends, a Dallas animal rescue group. Her name is Victoria Beckham, and she lights up my life.

I’ve never been the maternal type. Children are not particularly interesting to me, and frankly, holding the responsibility of another life in my hands is a frightening concept. I spent the first few nights with her constantly waking up in the middle of the night to make sure she was ok. She doesn’t sleep much at night still – but she’s adjusting.

She loves to explore, talk, play, eat, and be near people. As Jason said, I “picked a winner.”

I still feel a twinge of fear that I’m going to completely screw up and let her down, but things are going very well. I love her companionship and innocent, playful spirit.
Victoria IMG_0272.jpg

For more kitten pictures – check out my facebook album.

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